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"The right of taxpayers to avoid taxes, using all means permitted by law cannot be challenged by no one".
John Sunderland, Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States

The need of qualified tax support business in Russia is particularly relevant. At times, the actions of tax inspections violate the legal rights of taxpayers. For most companies, the tax checks complete additional accruals in respect of which the taxpayers are forced to engage in litigation. Their complexity due to the presence of serious internal conflicts that arise from time to time against the haphazard changes in tax legislation. Participation in a dispute with the tax authorities of qualified tax lawyers greatly increases the likelihood of a favorable resolution of the case.

The lawyers of Pronto Llc have successfully practiced method of preventive measures to avoid a possible challenge by the tax authorities, as well as qualified to protect the interests of clients in pre-trial procedures at all stages of the judicial process.

Settlement of a tax issues is at the crossroads of different disciplines, including economic ones. With a thorough knowledge in the field of law, accounting, tax accounting and financial analysis, our lawyers help clients to build correctly the company's activities in accordance with the tax regulations, while minimizing the possible adverse tax consequences. For each client we develop, implement and structure effectively the individual tax model with the sectoral focus of the business.

At the core of our competence there is a wide and diverse range of issues of tax law, beginning of debate on VAT refunds, obtaining an unjustified tax benefit, the appeal of tax authorities and ending support for non-standard legal conflicts, including during the tax control measures, restructuring of tax arrears and fees, retraining and transactions in other situations.

Extensive practice of tax attorneys of Pronto Llc and the introduction of innovative legal techniques designed to maximize the protection of the interests of the taxpayer are the guarantor of stability and security business in any of the legal sector.

Content of the practice:

  • Advising on the tax laws.
  • Tax planning and optimization.
  • Advice on structuring of international holding associations with the optimal tax burden for the client's business.
  • Analysis of the tax consequences of transactions.
  • Preparation of appeals to the public authorities in the application of tax law.
  • Providing tax due diligence, evaluation of tax planning company, existing or potential tax risks.
  • Support of conducting field and laboratory tests, including the preparation of objections on the acts, representation in the tax authorities during the examination of audit materials.
  • Maintenance of tax disputes.
  • Support of administrative disputes, the appeal of bringing to administrative responsibility.

Completed projects:

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Tax Practice