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Unfortunately, in practice it is quite common that in the protection of the interests a person not receiving legal aid is in a losing position.

Pre-school institutions and supplementary education entities, orphanages and rehabilitation centers, nature reserves and research institutes in the field of animal welfare and the environment, historic museums and architectural monuments of cultural, ethnic, historical value of Russia, etc. – are registered in Russia 600 000 non-profit organizations (NPOs) working in the areas of public importance. Periodically, each of them faces a number of problems to solve which alone it is not always able, and free public programs are not able to reach such a huge audience.

Law Company Pronto Llc. has a responsible approach to professional ethics, and within socially useful practice pro bono (from Lat. "Pro bono publico" – for the public good) provides services of qualified legal assistance to nonprofit organizations and vulnerable groups of population.

We support the global concept of providing professional legal assistance on a grant basis, and today we are one of the few law companies in Russia that have adopted the practice of "pro bono" as the focus of its activities. We sincerely believe that the program pro bono achieve global strategic objectives affecting the public interest in the increasing legal awareness and the development of social sphere.

The pro bono practice on a constant basis in order to ensure access to justice for those who need it, and available on equal terms with commercial projects. As the legal practice of providing free legal support is aimed at achieving results in the social sphere, the choice of the client company is guided by the nature of the problem and the social significance of the result achieved for a particular person, society and the state as a whole.

You can send a request to provide free legal services to the specific legal issue to our e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pro bono support is only for solving problems of a legal nature, and is carried out in the broader public interest.

Pro Bono Services