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The number of labor disputes in recent years has increased significantly. It would seem that the formation and development of the labor potential of the organization it is an investment that should bring tangible business benefits. However, the current regulation of labor relations, in many ways, is not in the interests of business, but on the contrary – it impedes growth. Sometimes, even the objective claims of the employer to the employee unfairly interpreted as a violation of his rights.

The already difficult situation is exacerbated by the fact that in Russia there has been a strong trend of greater trade unions against increasing the legal awareness of the workers themselves, as well as increased responsibility for violations of labor laws. Keep this in mind the employer who in any labor disputes has a more vulnerable position.

In this regard, there are some extremely important questions:

  • How to build a balanced system of labor relations, which protected the interests of workers are not a barrier to the employer's business?
  • How to structure correctly the activities of staff and clearly defined conditions of work in the Russian labor legislation?
  • What are the mechanisms of procedural impact on the employee in order to achieve the proper performance of their duties?
  • How to repair the damage caused by illegal actions of the worker?

The Pronto Llc. lawyers will help to answer on these and other pressing questions, accumulating the unique experience in the field of labor relations. Protecting the interests of the employer is one of the areas which has successfully handled by experts of the law company Pronto. Representing the interests of employers, we help our clients to make legally correct labor relations and through full use of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation to avoid serious problems. Employment law is a very thin field, covering all aspects of employment, including the protection of intellectual property, confidential information, etc. We advise clients from all sectors of business and, if necessary, represent them in court and in the course of negotiations.

Content of the practice:

  • Development of employment contracts and local regulations.
  • Support in the process of dismissal of staff.
  • Settlement of the relationship with the trade unions, collective bargaining.
  • Compensation for additional incentives, stock options to employees.
  • Normalization of relations with top management.
  • Maintenance of relations with foreign workers.
  • onduct of due diligence employment, evaluation of personnel records, existing or potential risks, the development of recommendations on the findings.
  • Implementation of the regime of trade secrets.
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures regarding the protection of workers' personal data.
  • Legalization of the rights of employers to intellectual property created by employees in the performance of duty, registration of the relationship to create intellectual property.
  • Trial and out of court settlement of labor disputes.

Completed projects:

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Labour practice