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Intellectual property and informative technology

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The era of the intellectual revolution marked the importance of protecting intellectual property. Knowledge, skills and information in the possession of the company's employees, in other words, its intangible assets have become a serious foundation for sustainable development of the business and ensure success in the competition in today's world. In terms of innovation-oriented economy, intellectual capital is the most valuable asset of the world's most powerful companies, because who does not have time for technological innovations, is not gaining market.

However, the new prospects opened by the development of information technology, are not only a source of profit, but also give rise to new legal problems and risks with regard to intellectual property.

  • What are the rights of intellectual property used in the business?
  • Is it possible to transfer the rights to use or disposal of the registered industrial design?
  • Is it possible to transfer the property rights to the program or database inherited?
  • How to resist the seizure of a domain name?
  • How to protect the rights of the possible unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information?

The specialists of the legal company Pronto are ready to answer relevant and important to your business questions: To evaluate the effectiveness of portfolio management of intellectual capital and to analyze the possible risks. We provide legal support in all areas of intellectual property and information technology (IP / IT), providing a comprehensive range of services.

Our experience is aimed at addressing the complex and unusual challenges for the protection of intellectual property rights, requiring a fundamental knowledge of the modern judicial practice and hard work on the very mechanisms of protection of intangible assets.

Content of the practice:

  • Advice on the management of intellectual property / information technology.
  • Normalization of relations mediating the clearance, the transfer of rights and exclusion of intellectual property.
  • Licensing agreements and contracts of assignment of rights for intellectual property.
  • All agreements.
  • The franchise agreements.
  • Contracts for transfer of technology, know-how and confidential information.
  • Agreements and Privacy Policy.
  • Contracts for research and development.
  • Application of the law on advertising.
  • Legal due diligence of intellectual property, the assessment of existing or potential risks, recommendations for their elimination.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights.
  • The resolution of intellectual property disputes.
  • Copyright.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Domain names.
  • Data protection and information management.
  • Internet and e-commerce.
  • Trade secrets and confidential know-how.
  • Licensing and Technology Transfer.
  • False advertising and unfair competition.
  • Patents.
  • Industrial Designs.
  • Transactions in the field of intellectual property.
  • Strategic consulting and formation of intellectual property portfolio.
  • Litigation support and dispute consulting in the field of media.
  • Trademarks and trade names.

Implemented projects:

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Intellectual property and informative technology

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