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Corporative practice

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The acquisition of companies abroad, conducting international mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, distribution of securities on foreign stock markets - the effect of globalization and combining of economic systems inevitably led to the fact that the business is nowadays becoming more and more international. The heyday of corporations and complexity of their management mechanisms outlined the need for legal regulation of financial and economic activity of legal entities, irrespective of their legal form and the established performance goals.

  • Can a minority shareholder protect its property rights?
  • How to address a "corporate blackmail"?
  • How to draw up the founding documents for the creation of a legal entity?
  • How shareholders (participants) can control the activities of the executive body of the legal entity?

The practice of corporate law of the Pronto Company is specialized in the organization of a balanced holding structures, modeling and implementation of corporate governance. It aims to create a sustainable legal system, which reliably allows protecting the interests of the business partner in the implementation of various commercial and financial transactions, as well as a preventing of corporate conflicts, takeovers and corporate blackmail.

Corporate law in Russia, which has a little over 20 years, develops in the opposite direction from the West. In the Russian legislation there is no complete legal protection of the owner. Therefore important area of corporate practice of Pronto Llc is the provision of services to protect businesses against hostile corporate actions, is still painful for the economy and the development of entrepreneurship in the country. Competent and timely action, a kind of a preparatory activities significantly reduces the risk of hostile takeovers.

Considerable experience in the field of Russian corporate law, as well as continuous work with the tools of foreign legal systems have positioned our company as profitable among Russian and foreign clients. Teamwork tax lawyers, labor or other practices of the company allows us to represent interests of the leading companies operating in various industries, including the automotive and aviation industry, the banking and financial sector, the energy sector and many others.

Content of the practice:

  • Support of the transactions for mergers and acquisitions, development and coordination of the documents set containing the terms and mediating the deal, the implementation of the necessary procedures.
  • Creation, reorganization and liquidation of commercial and non-profit organizations in the Russian jurisdiction.
  • Creation of companies in foreign jurisdictions (including offshore jurisdictions).
  • Creation and maintenance of joint ventures, special project company (SPV) and consortia.
  • Corporate Restructuring.
  • Protecting of the rights of shareholders (monitoring compliance with corporate procedures, endorsement deals, dividend payments, representation and other issues).
  • Corporate governance.
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Securities and Capital Markets.
  • Corporate disputes, disputes for protecting the violated rights of members and shareholders.
  • Protection against hostile takeovers.
  • Opposition to corporate fraud and blackmail.
  • Verification of the contracting corporate procedures in the interests of the client.
  • Real estate investment funds (REITs).
  • Licensing and Technology Transfer.
  • Private equity and venture capital.
  • Equity Capital Markets.
  • Debt Capital Markets.
  • Subsidies.
  • Financial institutions.

Completed projects:

  • Created the all-Russian judicial precedent to challenge by the minority shareholder in the legal entity of the transaction, concluded by the director of the enterprise with the daughter of his wife. The court found the stepdaughter as an affiliate director. Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation of 22.03.2012, the number VAS-14613/2011 case number A60-41550/2010.

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Corporative practice

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