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Commercial practice

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Any daily activities of the company, whether the conclusion of the contract for the supply or for development of the dealer or marketing network, are inextricably linked with the commercial law. Predictors of successful operation of the company, with an increase in profit and a warning against default losses laid at the time of contract execution. Therefore, to ensure the effective operation of the business, from the very first steps it is necessary to establish relationships with contractors in a clear and clever form on the legal basis for commercial activities.

  • How to protect the rights and interests from unscrupulous contractors?
  • Is it possible to bring to justice the founders of the company with insufficient funds at the contractor?
  • How to take into account the specifics of the Russian judicial system and judicial practice in drawing up the contract?
  • What to do in case if an unauthorized person signed the counterparty?

For many years specializing in commercial law, the lawyers of legal company Pronto built up a substantial experience in supporting trade and economic activities of various business sectors, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, information technology, the fuel and energy complex, transport, etc. We feel fine any business interests and offer best-effective solutions for the protection of the rights and interests of the client, as well as to secure the obligations of the counterparty.

We consider commercial practices as a priority and sought-after destinations in the work of our legal company, and guided by an integrated approach and close industry specialization, we help the clients to resolve meaningful and out-of-order business problems (the construction of dealers and marketing services, etc.), reflecting the subtleties of business entity in the Russian legal system.

Content of the practice:

  • Consulting on the implementation of business in the Russian Federation.
  • Conduction of legal and tax due diligence.
  • Support of conclusion and monitoring of foreign trade (import-export transactions).
  • Support of conclusion and monitoring of credit and leasing transactions.
  • Franchise (drafting of contracts, support for conclusion and termination, control of execution).
  • Consulting on legislation on insurance business.
  • Support of activities of pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions.
  • Consulting on customs legislation.
  • Drafting, negotiation, conclusion and termination of business contracts.
  • Debt restructuring (structuring, minimizing legal and other risks, ensuring the compliance).
  • Support of bankruptcies.
  • Project financing.

Implemented projects:

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Commercial practice

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